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  • Consumer health information: Handle with (extreme) care
    por Lesley Fair el 15 de abril de 2024 a las 1:39 pm

    By Lesley Fair What will it take to get businesses to honor the promises they make about the privacy of consumers’ health data? Multiple FTC law enforcement actions in the past year? Two more cases against companies that shared health information with third-party advertising platforms without people’s consent? Here’s the loud-and-clear message companies need to hear: The FTC won’t back down in the fight to protect the privacy of consumers’ sensitive health data. Read more >

  • Business Blog’s Clear Eye on AI
    por Samuel Levine el 10 de abril de 2024 a las 6:49 am

    By Samuel Levine We like to think the FTC Business Blog offers an occasional notable quote – or quotable note – on the issues businesses and consumers are talking about. Right now no topic is more top-of-mind than artificial intelligence. That’s why we’re pleased that Aspen Digital has named a Business Blog post by FTC attorney Mike Atleson to its first Reporting on AI Hall of Fame. Read more >

  • FTC announces winners of Voice Cloning Challenge – and has a word or two for businesses
    por Lesley Fair el 8 de abril de 2024 a las 5:18 am

    By Lesley Fair Voice cloning: A boon for people with medical issues or an AI-enabled bonanza for scammers? The answer depends on who’s using the technology and how they’re using it. That’s why the FTC is taking a 360° approach in the battle against the misuse of voice cloning. One part of that comprehensive strategy is the FTC Voice Cloning Challenge announced in November – and we’re excited to reveal the winners. Read more >

  • New FTC Data Spotlight offers illuminating insights into impersonation scams
    por Lesley Fair el 1 de abril de 2024 a las 1:22 pm

    By Lesley Fair Is the person who contacted your employee really from the IRS or Social Security Administration? And what about those calls and texts to consumers claiming to be from your company? The FTC’s new Trade Regulation Rule on Impersonation of Government and Businesses takes effect today and a just-released Data Spotlight underscores the Rule’s critical importance to consumers and businesses. Read more >

  • FTC Privacy and Security Update: What your business needs to know
    por Lesley Fair el 28 de marzo de 2024 a las 5:52 am

    By Lesley Fair Business executives, tech professionals, and the attorneys who represent them need to stay current on what’s happened – and what’s happening – at the FTC when it comes to privacy and data security. You could set aside weeks to review the hundreds of FTC cases, reports, rulemakings, and policy initiatives touching on those topics or you could scroll through the agency’s to-the-point 2023 Privacy and Data Security Update to get the latest word. Read more >

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Los latinos en Estados Unidos nunca han estado solos, actualmente existen distintos recursos para ayudarlos en su estadía en el país del norte.


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Tener mínimo 18 años de edad. Contar con un documento de identificación. Normalmente, exigen el SSN, conocido también como Número de Seguro Social, pero también, existen opciones de préstamos con ITIN que pueden funcionarte. Es posible que además te soliciten comprobante de tener una cuenta bancaria.


Crédito de Negocio

  1. Su historial de pago juega un papel importante al determinar su puntaje de crédito.
  2. Trate de mantener sus saldos por debajo del 30% de su crédito total disponible.
  3. Mantener abiertas las cuentas de tarjetas de crédito antiguas puede mejorar su salud crediticia.
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