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  • Tolling Agreements: A Win-Win for Parties and the Public
    por Samuel Levine el 20 de febrero de 2024 a las 3:20 pm

    By Samuel Levine The Bureau of Consumer Protection welcomes an open dialogue with parties cooperating with its investigations. Such dialogue allows the Bureau to make more informed decisions on whether to recommend an enforcement action and, if so, whether such an action can be resolved without the need for protracted litigation. But the Bureau is also mindful that delays in our investigations can undermine the public interest by allowing lawbreaking to continue and by depriving consumers of redress for harms they have suffered. As such, today we are making clear that while substantive engagement is welcome and constructive, we are prepared to pivot more quickly to litigation if undue delay comes at the expense of redress for consumers. Read more >

  • Wonder what “blatantly illegal conduct” looks like? Court opinion about how a defendant harmed small businesses offers insights
    por Lesley Fair el 15 de febrero de 2024 a las 4:48 pm

    By Lesley Fair Small businesses are the engines that drive the American economy and capital is the fuel that propels them forward. So when fast-talking operators target small businesses with deceptive or unfair tactics, the FTC takes action. Following a January 2024 jury trial, a federal court entered a judgment requiring merchant cash advance company owner Jonathan Braun to pay $20.3 million in monetary relief and civil penalties for misleading small businesses and unlawfully seizing their assets. Read on for some staggering examples of what the court described as Braun’s “lack of remorse for his blatantly illegal conduct.” Read more >

  • New Impersonator Rule gives FTC a powerful tool for protecting consumers and businesses
    por Lesley Fair el 14 de febrero de 2024 a las 3:19 pm

    By Lesley Fair To turn the old adage on its head, imitation is the insincerest form of falsity. After years of fighting back against scammers who impersonate government agencies and companies, the FTC proposed a Trade Regulation Rule on Impersonation of Government and Businesses. The Rule would allow the FTC to recover consumer redress from impersonators or to seek civil penalties against those who violate the Rule. Read more >

  • “Love Stinks” – when a scammer is involved
    por Lesley Fair el 12 de febrero de 2024 a las 4:23 pm

    By Lesley Fair "I've had the blues, the reds, and the pinks. One thing’s for sure: Love stinks." Far be it from us to criticize love on Valentine’s Day, but “Love Stinks” – the 80s hit by the J. Geils Band – describes what the FTC Consumer Sentinel Data Book tells us about the injury inflicted by romance scammers. And one statistic is particularly surprising. Read more >

  • Facts about fraud from the FTC – and what it means for your business
    por Lesley Fair el 9 de febrero de 2024 a las 2:36 pm

    By Lesley Fair The FTC just issued its 2023 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book jam-packed with facts about the kind of scams consumers have reported to us. Has the reported dollar amount lost to fraud gone up or down this year? And what are the most frequently reported scams? At this point you may ask, “I run a lawful business. Why should it matter to me?” Two reasons. First, scammers have you, your company, and your community in their sights and the Data Book can help you defend against emerging fraud trends. Second, scammers often try to mask their illegal intent by hiding behind legitimate businesses. For companies that work hard to maintain their good reputation, it’s not enough not to be a scammer. You also don’t want to be “scam-adjacent.” Read more >

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Recursos Legales

Los latinos en Estados Unidos nunca han estado solos, actualmente existen distintos recursos para ayudarlos en su estadía en el país del norte.


Crédito Personal

Tener mínimo 18 años de edad. Contar con un documento de identificación. Normalmente, exigen el SSN, conocido también como Número de Seguro Social, pero también, existen opciones de préstamos con ITIN que pueden funcionarte. Es posible que además te soliciten comprobante de tener una cuenta bancaria.


Crédito de Negocio

  1. Su historial de pago juega un papel importante al determinar su puntaje de crédito.
  2. Trate de mantener sus saldos por debajo del 30% de su crédito total disponible.
  3. Mantener abiertas las cuentas de tarjetas de crédito antiguas puede mejorar su salud crediticia.
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