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  • FTC says Adobe hid key terms of “annual paid monthly” subscription plan and set up roadblocks to deter customer cancellations
    por Lesley Fair el 17 de junio de 2024 a las 13:56

    By Lesley Fair Given the injury and irritation inflicted on consumers by buried terms, hidden charges, and complicated cancellation procedures, it’s no wonder they’re called “negative” options. A federal court complaint the Department of Justice filed upon notification and referral from the FTC alleges that Adobe and corporate executives Maninder Sawhney and David Wadhwani have hidden fees associated with the company’s most popular subscription plan and made it hard for consumers to cancel. It’s the latest action challenging allegedly illegal conduct in the subscription space. Read more >

  • Succor borne every minute
    por Michael Atleson el 7 de junio de 2024 a las 08:46

    By Michael Atleson Earnest chats with objects are not so unusual. Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, the famed Detroit Tiger, used to stand on the pitching mound whispering to the baseball. Forky, the highly animate utensil from Toy Story 4, once posed deep questions about friendship to a ceramic mug. And many of us have made repeated queries of the Magic 8 Ball despite its limited set of randomly generated answers. Read more >

  • How the FTC is showing its commitment to protecting renters’ rights
    por Samuel Levine el 4 de junio de 2024 a las 16:54

    By Samuel Levine Housing costs take a big bite out of most Americans’ budgets, especially consumers looking for a suitable place to live during a fluctuating rental market. That’s why the FTC has particular concerns when in their quest for one of the most basic human needs – a roof over their heads – prospective renters are subjected to practices that violate the law. If you’re a landlord, work for a property management company, or provide other services in the rental sector, heed the warning that the FTC looks askance at illegal conduct that could turn home sweet home into home cheat home for renters. Read more >

  • Safeguards Rule notification requirement now in effect
    por Lesley Fair el 14 de mayo de 2024 a las 15:20

    By Lesley Fair If your business is covered by the FTC’s Gramm-Leach Bliley Safeguards Rule, an amendment to the Rule that requires covered companies to report certain data breaches and other security events to the FTC is now in effect – and we’ve made it easy for you to report. Read more >

  • Aqua Finance’s sales, financing, and FCRA practices land company in hot water
    por Lesley Fair el 2 de mayo de 2024 a las 14:36

    By Lesley Fair Aqua Finance provided financing for water treatment equipment sold door-to-door by dealers. But according to the FTC, the company filtered out the truth and left a sediment of deceptive and unfair financing practices that put many consumers in unexpected debt and made it more difficult for some of them to sell their homes. The result: a proposed $43.6 million settlement with tough injunctive provisions that will change how the company does business going forward. Even if financing isn’t part of your business, read on for details about how the FTC says Aqua Finance also violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act, including a first-of-its-kind complaint allegation. Read more >

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Los latinos en Estados Unidos nunca han estado solos, actualmente existen distintos recursos para ayudarlos en su estadía en el país del norte.


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Tener mínimo 18 años de edad. Contar con un documento de identificación. Normalmente, exigen el SSN, conocido también como Número de Seguro Social, pero también, existen opciones de préstamos con ITIN que pueden funcionarte. Es posible que además te soliciten comprobante de tener una cuenta bancaria.


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  1. Su historial de pago juega un papel importante al determinar su puntaje de crédito.
  2. Trate de mantener sus saldos por debajo del 30% de su crédito total disponible.
  3. Mantener abiertas las cuentas de tarjetas de crédito antiguas puede mejorar su salud crediticia.
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